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When it comes to cybersecurity we are all students. There’s just so much to learn, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. We want to make it easy. As we continue to move different aspects of our lives online, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the dangers that lurk all around. Too often, efforts to improve computer literacy gloss over relevant security considerations, leaving us vulnerable. Our goal is to raise awareness of the risks that we are exposed to as we go about our online lives, and help raise the next generation of white hat hackers to fill the supply gap in security professionals that just can’t keep up with demand.

Crash Course

Welcome to the 2018 Toronto Hacking Crash Course. The purpose of this hands-on seminar is to introduce aspiring young hackers, and any other interested individuals between the ages of 13 and 17, to the world of cybersecurity. Our students will learn to think like hackers and apply reverse engineering concepts to pick locks, and perform real attacks in a laboratory setting. The following topics will be covered:


We like to start thinking about physical systems and how we can manipulate them to do something they are not designed to do. Lock-picking is a great way to get our hands dirty.


We will do a practical demonstration of how anyone with a computer and a little know-how can trick targets into connecting to them instead of a friendly network, opening the gates for other exploits.


Hack Students will learn to hack a webcam. We can't stress enough how important it is to understand hacking methodologies, as well as your own vulnerabilities in order to stay safe online.


We are white hat hackers who want to give a head start to the next generation of white hat hackers. We will discuss the legal landscape around "hacking" and briefly touch on why we love working in cybersecurity.


Finally, and most importantly, this is a class in online self-defense. The web is an intricate and dangerous place, and there is nothing more pressing than making sure we have the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate it safely.




Roy is a strategist, seasoned hacker, and renowned investigator who gets consulted whenever international hacking scandals break out. He is fluent in Geek, and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at Cycura.



Boris is a developer and entrepreneur, with teaching experience spanning four continents. In addition to his deep knowledge of programming languages, Boris is fluent in 6 human ones. He is Co-Founder of Parkbus.



Vitaly is a web guru and security expert who has been up and down the development stack. He works as Director of Engineering at Panvista Analytics, and hacks together slick websites for fun (like this website).



Jeff is a project management specialist with an unhealthy obsession with cybersecurity, just drop into one of his classes to have your bad cyber habits scared straight! He is a professor at George Browncollege and an army reservist.



Helen is a cybersecurity enthusiast and a data privacy expert. She works as Security Product Owner for Financial Services portfolio of web applications at SAP. Helen is also a co-organizer of #CyberLadies Toronto chapter and a public speaker in cybersecurity.



Harold has a background in penetration testing, binary exploitation, and reverse engineering. He is a co-organizer at Defcon Toronto, cybersecurity Researcher at Cycuraand frequently participates in Capture the Flag events when he's not hacking for work.



Laura is a security analyst, student and social leader. She interns at Cycuraand loves breaking things to understand how they work.


In 2018, kids connect to the Internet before they can talk, and tech is everywhere we go. We trust that our parents, teachers, and the makers of all our devices will protect us from the dangers that lurk all around, but time and experience shows that we are more vulnerable than ever. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is left out of school curriculums and most computer literacy programs. It is a paradox that our most vulnerable users - kids - learn no cybersecurity skills until later in life, and a gaping shortage in professionals is a testament to how far off the radar this topic is for most young people.
Our social enterprise aims to change that by teaching teenagers key cybersecurity concepts at an age when their digital lives take off, and their energy, imagination, and creativity can give them an early start in this burgeoning field. We are working to establish a full cybersecurity course, and a free one-day seminar is the best way for us to get the potential students as well as the feedback that is necessary to design the best course material and learning experience possible. Our classroom space is generously provided by Cycura, and our instructors are established cybersecurity professionals who are volunteering their time because we believe in the need for early cybersecurity education.

We hope to be able to continue to offer more worshops and specialized courses. Help us grow, and learn about upcoming events by liking and following.



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