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In 2021 kids connect to the Internet before they can talk, and tech is everywhere we go. We trust that our parents, teachers, and the makers of all our devices will protect us from the dangers that lurk all around, but time and experience shows that we are more vulnerable than ever. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is left out of school curriculums and most computer literacy programs. It is a paradox that our youngest and most vulnerable users learn no cybersecurity skills until later in life (and only if they go into very specific fields), and in a world climate where almost all companies get hacked, a gaping shortage in professionals is a testament to how far off the radar this topic is for most young people. Our social enterprise aims to change that by teaching middle and high school students key cybersecurity concepts at an age when their digital lives take off, and their energy, imagination, and creativity can give them an early start in this burgeoning field.

When it comes to cybersecurity we are all students. There’s so much to learn, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. We at HackStudent want to make it easy.

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Free public workshops for high / middle school students with an interest in cybersecurity. Like and follow us if you love cybersecurity, and want to stay up to date about upcoming events.
SHSM certification workshops where students can explore a range of offensive security techniques using their own computers, raspberry pis, and other devices.
We speak about the international world of hacking, how to stay safe online, and perform hacking demos at conferences and in schools.





Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari is an internationally recognized researcher, author and speaker on all matters cybersecurity and hacker culture. Keren has worked with leading security firms, public organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Keren's independent research about cyber security has been featured by Scientific American, WIRED , TED, CNN, Financial Times and more. Keren’s TED talk Hackers: the Internet's immune systemhas been viewed by millions online, translated to 30 languages, selected as ‘Most Powerful Ideas’ and helped shape a global conversation about the role of hackers in the information age.


Nick Aleks

Nick Aleks is the CEO of Aleks Security Cyber Intelligence Inc., a Toronto-based Ethical Hacking Firm. Nick and his team specialize in testing the security systems for clients in the software development, government, engineering, manufacturing, and financial industries. He is the founder of the DEFCON Toronto Hacker Community, and has spoken at numerous cyber-security conference (BSIDES, DEFCON Toronto, and Pearls in Policing) where he has shared knowledge on topics including: pen-testing, car hacking, lock-picking, wi-fi-hacking, social engineering, and threat intelligence.




Roy is a strategist, seasoned hacker, and renowned investigator who gets consulted whenever international hacking scandals break out. He is fluent in Geek, and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at Cycura.



Helen is a cybersecurity enthusiast, researcher and educator. She works as Security Architect at SAP. Helen is also a Co-Founder of Leading Cyber Ladiesand a public speaker in cybersecurity. Follow: @e2hln



Boris is a developer and entrepreneur, with teaching experience spanning four continents. In addition to his deep knowledge of programming languages, Boris is fluent in 6 human ones. He is Co-Founder of Parkbus.



Jeff is a project management specialist with an unhealthy obsession with cybersecurity, just drop into one of his classes to have your bad cyber habits scared straight! He is a professor at George Browncollege and an army reservist.



Vitaly is a web guru and security expert who has been up and down the development stack. He is Co-Founder and CTO at ParkPass, and hacks together slick websites for fun (like this website).



A veteran with more than 15 years of experience, Iain has architected operations programs in large banking, healthcare, and government organizations, and leads a team of forensic investigators and security researchers at Cycura.



Laura is doing her post-graduate studies in network and system security at George Brown college. She is a security analyst, consultant and social leader that loves nothing more than breaking things apart to understand how they work.



Suryabhan is doing his Post Graduate certification in Network and System Security Analysis at George brown College, and consulting at Rogers. Passionate about Cybersecurity and Computer engineering, avid traveller, and lover of music.



Neetika is a cyber security enthusiast with experience from TD Bank, and Deloitte Canada. She built the cyber security program at Prodigy Education from the ground up, and co-founded the popular Leading Cyber Ladies Toronto chapter.


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